Imagine a touch-and-go intuitive online platform that guides you at each step of your work as a departmental leader. A platform that eliminates manual planning and report writing. A solution that automates planning, project management, book keeping, monitoring and evaluation as well as reporting and data archiving. Well, imagine no more! ICMS is exactly that!
Evangelism Re-Imagined
Data Archiving


ICMS digitises and automates evangelism project planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation as well as reporting.

Data Archiving 

ICMS ships with permanent data archiving for all evangelism project management data as well as qualitative and quantitative outcomes.


We are about re-imagining evangelism and disrupting the archaic guava paper approaches to evangelism and church management.

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Integrated Church Management System presents an ensemble of innovative technological tools that capacitate churches to systematize and professionalise evangelism planning, project management and reporting.

Task driven evangelism project planning

Task driven evangelism project execution and monitoring

Automated reporting and data archiving

A Systematic and Structured Approach to Evangelism

ICMS enables local conferences and churches to approach evangelism professionally and systemically.

The Evangelism Project Management Systsem (EPMS) implements prescribed individual work flow tasks to guide and simplify planning.

The execution component enables the tracking of project objectives and uploading expenditure receipts,visuals and SWOT analysis.

This stage enables consolidation of objectives, expenditure receipts, project visuals and SWOT analysis.

Once the monitoring and evaluation work flow tasks are fulfiled the system automates charting and reportage.

Data archiving handles permanent digital data banking for all project outcomes for all projects conducted through ICMS.

The EPMS automates the generation and emailing of a comprehensive project proposal and report at the appropriate project stages.