Integrated Church Management System

ICMS enables local conferences and churches to approach evangelism professionally and systemically. With ICMS you have digital tools to plan,execute, monitor (evaluate) and report on evangelical projects.
Evangelism Project Management Software SDA

ICMS is an innovation of Think Enovat t/as WebRave (, a software engineering company based in Johannesburg.

For the past 8 years WebRave has been churning out state of the art websites, cutting edge web based applications as well as developing various tailor made digital solutions. We have footprints in the private, public and non-governmental sectors.
WebRave offers the complete suite of digital solutions which spans domain registrations, web hosting, email hosting, web and software development. As ICMS we say comes as you are. Our digital tools enable you to put structure to your evangelical work.

Cloud based

Work Flow Based


Data Driven

O U R    V I S I O N

Our vision is to lead the church to data driven church management through a quantum leap from analog to digital.

How it Works

An overview of the ICMS evangelism project management system.

Sign Up

Account Settings

Sing up at a local church level by indicating your Division, Union, Local Conference and Church.

Create Project

Create a project. e.g. Community Guest Day.

Work Flow

Choose a prescribed work flow for your project type. Else just use the standard work flow or create your own workflow.

Project Management

Planning and Execution

Fulfill all the planning and project execution tasks

Monitoring and Evaluation

Fulfill all monitoring and evaluation tasks which include tracking objectives, SWOT analysis, book keeping,etc

When all tasks are completed the system automatically generates and emails a comprehensive report to the local church main contact and the local conference authority.

The report presents the following:

  • Cycle of Evangelism Stage
  • Local Church Details
  • Department Details
  • Project Title
  • Project Summary
  • Time Frame
  • Quantitative Objectives Visualisation (Combo Column Graph Showing Targets versus Actuals)
  • Qualitative Objectives Outcomes
  • Budget Allocation (Pie Chart)
  • Total Budget Expenditure
  • Link to Download Expenditure Receipts Zip Folder
  • Link to Download Project Visuals (pictures/videos) Zip Folder
  • SWOT Analysis

Most importantly, project outcomes are archived systematically in the permanent data bank. This enables all church structures to mine evangelism statistics at Division, Union, Local Conference and Local Church levels for any given time frames.