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ICMS implements standardised and systemic evangelism. Leaders are equipped with user friendly tools to follow individual tasks that are calculated to ensure efficiency, accountability and adherence to time frames.

Create Project and Choose Work Flow

To get started simply create a project. e.g. Community Guest Day or Community Health Expo. Next, choose a prescribed work flow which will then outline individual tasks to guide and simplify planning and execution.


Any work flow will present you and planning template where you are requested to capture:

  • Background Analysis (in other words what is it that necessitates the project that you want to conduct)
  • Identified Needs
  • Project Summary
  • Proposed Intervention/Program (e.g Soup Kitchen)
  • Project Summary
  • Objectives (Qualitative and Quantitative)
  • Human Resources (Project Steering personnel)
  • Resources (Fundable, Non-Fundable, Self Funded)
  • Budget (The system will generate a budget for you based on Fundable resources)
  • Cost Cutting Measures
  • Time Frame
Once the above tasks are fulfilled the system will automatically generate a professionally laid out project proposal and email it to the main church contact (usually the Personal Ministries leader) and the Local Conference Evangelism contact.


The execution stage of the work flow entails fulfilling the following tasks:

  • Book Keeping (Uploading expenditure receipts)
  • Project Visuals (Uploading project videos and pictures)
  • Tracking Objectives (e.g. capturing actual figures against indicated targets)
  • SWOT Analysis

Monitoring & Evaluation

This stage enables you to consolidate the you have captured in the execution stage. You can review and revisit quantitative objective figures (actual versus targets), expenditure receipts, project pictures and SWOT analysis.

N.B. At this stage the system automatically generates a comprehensive report with column graphs representing actual figures versus targets for all quantitave objectives e.g. 80 bibles distributed versus the target of 120. The report card also includes a Pie chart of total budget allocation as well as links to download zip folders with expenditure receipts and project visuals. The report is sent as a draft report. After the report has been ratified through church board or business meeting processes it simply takes a single click to then dispatch a final report automatically to the local church main and conference main contact.

Standardized Reporting

Once the monitoring and evaluation work flow tasks are fulfilled the system automates charting and reportage.

Data Archiving

With data archiving ICMS has a permanent digital data bank for all project outcomes for all projects conducted through ICMS.


ICMS automates the generation and emailing of a comprehensive project proposals and reports once the requisite tasks are fulfilled.